Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Slow down, October

Well folks, it's that time of the semester again (What is sleep?).

It is also the best time to binge-shop online and watch psychological thrillers that I've missed out on this year.  Haven't seen Gone Girl yet? Well, you should. Nothing screams procrastination like some crazy bitch manipulation story with no happy ending.

Being stressed is also my most creatively productive state --what better way to not worry about exams than to DIY props for Halloween?  This year I opted for a more naturally terrifying character: a jellyfish.  What better way to scare Australians than to be a ferocious predator of the sea.  Will Smith's character in 7 Pounds can testify to this.  It also saves me time on the bloody face make up #winning

What do you do to procrastinate this exam season? Don't be shy OITNB fans, I know you're out there.

Look 1 & 2: Paper Heart tropical dress with midriff cut-out
Look 2: Vintage market find
Look 3: Miss Selfridge gold and glitter set sold in Glue stores

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